What Not to Do while Buying a House

When it comes to purchasing a house, many people including acquaintances, family members and estate agents will give you advice on buying a house. However, they would rarely talk about things one should not do or avoid in order to have a smooth real estate experience.

Below are some few oft-repeated mistake buyers make, which leave them regretting the purchase or opting for another house and facing financial losses. Make sure you avoid the following in order to have no qualms of any kind.

What not to do While Buying a House

Choosing a house above your price range

We at California55Plus Real Estate understand that when it comes to buying a house, everyone wants to go for the best. The fancier the house is, the more it will attract potential buyers. However, such homes are most likely to cost a lot and are usually over normal market prices. If you are interested in a house which you know you would have trouble affording, it’s best to opt out. Firstly, you will have a lot of trouble getting a mortgage application approved. And secondly, you would have to face even more trouble paying off the mortgaged amount, along with added interest percentage.

Home Inspections

Most buyers take a brief look at the house they are purchasing which makes then regret it in the future. If you are interested in the house, make sure you hire a professional home inspector and perform a complete home inspection of the house. This would help you identify any faults in the house and thus, discuss repair options or compensate the price with the house seller.

The wrong buyer’s agent

An agent can be a blessing in disguise if suitable and trustworthy. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong agent, not only will you have trouble finding the right property and mortgage policies, you would also be wasting quite a remarkable amount of money on the agent. Thus, choose an agent who can guarantee safeguarding ad working for your best interests.

Not considering Third Party Costs

Most buyers make the mistake of not taking into consideration the extra cost involved in the purchase of a house. Not only will you have to pay the mortgage installments, but numerous service fees would also be charged. Thus, make sure you have additional finances up to 30% as a safety net.

The wrong mortgage policy

The most terrible decision you can make while purchasing a house is choosing the wrong mortgage policy to pay for the house. Different policies are prepared for various potential customers with different finances and requirements. While choosing a mortgage policy, make sure you choose one that best suits your financial sources, and you would not have trouble paying it off.

Spending all your finances

Investing in a house is, without a doubt, a very good investment. However, it is wise not to spend your entire finances in a single purchase as it puts you into quite an insecure position. Thus, make sure you have a suitable amount left after paying for the initial mortgage costs and down payment as this reduces chances of financial trouble in the future.

Choosing a House Above Your Price Range


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