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Changing homes can be hectic and requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. Since it is quite an extensive procedure, it is very important to pre-plan a couple of months before the big day which would help you avoid any last minute moving complications.

The best way to do so is by creating a personal moving checklist which can involve the following main things:

  • List of possessions that are to be move
  • Legal transfer documents
  • List of equipment needed to move possessions

California55Plus Real Estate has created a checklist that you can use while moving your house. This process is crazy and anything to help maintain moving organization and stress is a handy tool to have.

Moving Checklist

What to do before the Move from

  • Purchase a calendar to mark reminders linked to house moving including important events, appointments etc.
  • Make a list of all your possessions and put aside those you intend to keep.
  • Arrange a yard sale to do away with those possessions which you do not need any more.
  • Store moving equipment like cartons, duct tapes or plastic bags.
  • Manage all legal documents you might need during the process including contracts, tax bills etc.
  • If you are moving to another city or state, apply for the collection of all legal documents from your local schools, hospitals etc.
  • Make an appointment with a local home moving company for a moving truck and other services.
  • Inform your employer and submit an application for leave for a couple of days at least.

Three Weeks before Moving:

  • Contact those you know and inform them about your future house moving.
  • Contact agencies like the newspaper agency, post office or Telephone Company and inform them about your future change in address.
  • Inform your local utility providers including electricity, gas and water companies about the decided cutoff date and arrange a new utility start date for your new home.

Two Weeks before Moving:

  • Go through your personal possessions including clothing. Pack those you intend to take along and donate those you don’t want to keep to a local charity.
  • Deposit important legal documents to a bank for safe keeping.
  • Pack away any home decorations safely.

One Week before Moving:

  • Pack items of everyday use. Label them and put them into separately marked cartons and boxes.
  • Discard extra utensils like pipes, cans or buckets which you do not need to take along.
  • Make a complete list of essential items you will need in the last week to make sure you do not leave anything behind.
  • Call a local home services provider in the area you will be moving into and schedule a complete house service including cleaning, washing and pest control spray.
  • Clean kitchen utensils and remove the plugs a day prior to moving.

The Big Day:

  • Stay focused and relaxed.
  • Double check the equipment before loading them into the moving trucks.
  • Make sure all the cartons are labeled to avoid any confusion.
  • Switch off all electronic appliances.
  • Turn off gas lines and water pipes for the home.
  • Go through the house completely before locking it up to make sure you are not leaving anything behind.


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