Home Inspections And Reports

Home Inspections And Reports

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Published on October 26, 2022

Home Inspections And Reports

Home Inspections And Reports

If a house seemingly fits your needs and requirements and has compelled you to go ahead and purchase it, a complete home inspection should be done before finalizing the deal. Although the house might seem in perfect condition apparently, only a full inspection report can guarantee if it is as good as it seems.

Some aspects of a house need special attention while inspection which includes plumbing, gas lines, electricity connection, electronic appliances etc. Thus, the best way to make sure a proper inspection is conducted is to hire a professional to inspect the property.


When it comes to choosing a house inspector, always go for the best. Although a more qualified professional will charge more than usual, it is only because of his expertise in the field. Not only will the inspection he conducts be certain and properly accomplished, but he would also be able to provide a complete list of faults in the house as well as possible solutions. This will save you from a lot of future trouble you might face while considering repair options.


Before conducting an inspection, it is best to list different things that would need special attention while the inspection. You can also consult the professional inspector you hire while coming up with a list.

Following are some of the issues that might require proper consideration:

  • Drainage, seepage and water pipelines
  • Wooden floors and false ceilings
  • Pests like Termites or Woodworms
  • Condition and working of fixed electronic appliances
  • Security measures

If you are the purchaser of a house, it will be completely up to you to arrange a home inspection. Usually, owners allow their houses to be inspected once a purchase contract has been signed by both parties.

Choose a suitable date for the inspection after consulting the owner of the house as well as the professional home inspector about their schedules. It would be best to conduct the inspection during daylight, as a detailed inspection could take up to a couple of hours


Once you and your hired inspector get to the house, you might identify additional issues that require attention. For example, if you find the place a little damper than usual, you will need to apply for a health hazard report.

Proceeding With The Purchase

The more detailed the inspection is, the more reliable the inspection report will be, so it is important to maintain attention to detail and not rush the inspection process.

If you find any major defects in the house, discuss and consider the options with the homeowner i.e. paying for the repairs or lowering the property price so that it compensates for the shortcomings. Once you are satisfied with the inspection and condition of the house, continue with the purchase. For all questions and concerns, speak with one of our experts at California55Plus Real Estate today.

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